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2010年1月17日 (日)

T3H4 #5 (2010/2/11)TO・DE・N  EKIDEN RUN!

駅伝HASHの詳細ですよ〜ん わくわく

T3H4 Toei Arakawa Ekiden! Thursday 11th February Start time: 13:00 Start point: marked from Waseda (Toden Arakawa line) and Waseda station (Metro Tozai line, exit 3a) Hash Cash: 1,500 per team member **more if we make haberdashery!**

日時:2月11日(木・祝日) スタート:13:00 ハッシュキャッシュ:1500円(もしHASHギアが欲しければ上がるかも) スタート:都電荒川線の早稲田、地下鉄東西線の早稲田駅の出口3Aからマークがありますよ

A relay hash in 3 legs from Waseda to Minowabashi with hashers running in teams of two or more.


The Trail Each leg (A-B, B-C, C-D) will be about 5-6 km, marked by a live hare. The start and finish point of each leg will be somewhere near one of the stops on the Toden Arakawa line, point A near Waseda and point D near Minowabashi.


 Each leg should take about 1 hour with short breaks for refreshments at points B and C. There will be beer and nibbles at the finish before the on-on-on party at a nearby restaurant. Please don't eat or drink on the tram!


 フィニッシュにはビールとスナックをご用意します。でもって、近所の居酒屋でONONパーティーがありますんで、チーム毎にすっかり飲んだくれてしまわないように! また、都電の中は飲食禁止ですっ。


Please enter in teams of two or more. Each team should have at least one person running each leg. The members of each team must also transport that team's luggage from the start to the finish. Therefore on each leg, each team should have at least one person carrying bags on the Arakawa line tram. T3H4 Mismanagement and the Hares will not transport team members' bags!



Each team should bring its own baton, sash or other special object to be carried from the start to the finish. Team names and uniforms (or partial uniforms, e.g. T-shirts, headgear, gloves...) are also recommended.



Advance registration is preferred: reply to this blog giving members' hash names and the team name.

**Advance registration will be necessary for anyone who wants haberdashery - if we make something**



Organising Your Team

You can organise your team however you like as long as you have a runner and a bag carrier for each leg. For example, in a team of three, each member runs one leg and rides the tram for the other two legs; or each member runs two legs and carries all three bags on the tram on the other leg. You could have a non-running member who rides the tram all the way, carrying the luggage of one, two or more runners. You could even enter in a team of one if you're willing to run all three legs and carry your bag all the way.







Whichever way you do it, you might want to use a 1-day Arakawa Line ticket (400 yen; a single ride costs 160 yen). Officially the 1-day ticket is not transferable but who will be checking?




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NEXT RUN☆予告」カテゴリの記事


Narita Cheetah and me will join it. Our team name is "Team NARICK".



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